The Mixology Brothers History


A little bit about us...

Since the beginning of time people have always mixed drinks. More than 3,000 years ago the Minoan Cretans were blending a ‘cocktail’ of beer, mead and wine. Concoctions of wine, cheese, honey and raw onion were prepared by slave girls in Homer’s lliad… the Greeks flavoured their wine with anything from honey to seawater… and in Pagan England communal cups of an aromatic blend based on cider, known as wassail, were served. The desire to alter the flavour of drinks is nothing new – the human race, it seems, has been doing this for ever…

The Mixology Brothers are dedicated to continuing this trend. We offer cocktail services to a vast range of parties, launches, corporate events, weddings & larger scale events such as summer fairs and festivals. The Mixology Brothers take cocktails to places they have never been before.

The Mixology Brothers provide and host cocktail parties wherever you dare us to put one! Shops, local parks, street corners, warehouses, country fields, race tracks, skyscrapers, expos and conventions – there is nowhere we can’t handle.

We are experienced mixologists and bartenders offering a wide range of unique, professional and exciting services throughout the U.K. We have a long history of working at the top of the hospitality industry. Work with us and you are guaranteed top quality service, expertly made drinks and fantastic entertainment.

Cocktails are our passion. Understanding their history, the process, the flavour combinations and the precision required to complete the job to the highest of standards allows us to get down and geeky in the profession we love. Top quality drinks are the keystone to our business. Passion and love for what we do drive us forward so you know we’ll come good on our promise: top quality drinks and first rate service.

Our experiences in the industry have been wild, they have been wacky, they have taken us all over the world, they have been corporate, they have been non corporate and they have always been fun. The diversity of these experiences means we are well placed to understand the motivations and requirements of our customers.

From private parties to the best loved festivals, we provide expertly mixed drinks and top quality service to the movers and shakers, to the well heeled in attendance.

The official birthday of the ‘cocktail’ is 13th May 1806. A reader of ‘The Balance and Columbian Repository’ enquired as to what a cocktail actually was – the answer – ‘a cocktail is a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters… it is vulgarly called a bittered sling!’ We’ll raise our glasses to that… wherever, whenever you like!